Skull with Snakes Headphone Stand

$55.00 USD

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Most people are confused by how snakes drink water because they do not have lips. However, most species drink water the same way as humans. They use their mouths to create suction that forces water into their throats.

This skull variation features a snake that is taking over the skull, perfect for your gaming setup or as home decor!

Dimensions: 8in x 6in x 8in
Weight: 15oz.
Color: Black
Includes: (1) Skull with Snakes Headphone Stand

Made in the USA with International Shipping Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Harrison Lovatt

$82 for rough edges and terrible looking finish

$87 for slow shipping and arrived in a box that wasn’t even taped closed! My box was completely open when it arrived, border protection did not open it or it would have a sticker saying they did, and i bet they would have sealed it better than how it was sent.

I look at it and it makes me unhappy that i spent so much of my hard earned money on something that i hoped would be fantastic.

It is lucky that even 1 star is the minimum.