Mia Kay

Tortle Figurine
$15.00 USD
Hollyphant Figurine
$15.00 USD
Rock Golem Figurine
$15.00 USD
Sporeling Figurine
$15.00 USD


Mia Kay is an accomplished mechanical engineer and a talented full-time artist. She deeply appreciates the support she receives from her audience and it means the world to her. Mia's journey in 3D designing began in May of 2018 when she sculpted her first model using Sculptris. Since then, she has been dedicated to honing her craft and constantly improving her skills. Mia specializes in creating fantasy 3D designs and has a true passion for what she does. Her work allows her to bring her imaginative designs to life through 3D printing.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Mia is also a devoted animal lover with three pets: a dog, a horse, and a parakeet. She dreams of one day purchasing property in the countryside, where she can raise additional horses and goats. Additionally, Mia is a classically trained pianist who has been playing for over 15 years. She finds solace in her music and considers it a valuable creative outlet.

When she isn't working on her art or music, Mia loves to indulge in her passion for video games. Her all-time favorite series is Dragon Age, and she eagerly awaits the release of Dreadwolf. She encourages all those who share her love for 3D printing and technology to join her on this thrilling journey. By embracing the possibilities of 3D printing, together they can push the boundaries of the industry and pave the way for exciting new innovations.

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