Devin Montes



It only takes a few short minutes on Devin's channel to understand why viewers keep coming back for more. He radiates a genuinely positive and inspiring energy that makes you feel empowered to tackle any problem you come across, which is exactly his intention.

Devin believes that anyone has the ability to design the world around them, regardless of their experience in engineering or design. He proves this by showing viewers that no solution is ever perfect after the first try. From there, all it takes is some simple problem solving and iteration in order to get the end result you were looking for.

Content creators like Devin play a huge role in the progression of 3D printing by showing the masses what the future can look like in a world of Additive Manufacturing.

Devin Montes is a Product Designer turned Content Creator known for his channel, Make Anything, where he creates videos inspiring viewers to identify problems in their surroundings and find creative solutions through meaningful design. Since 2016, Devin has amassed an impressive 686K subscribers by popularizing 3D printing technology and showing off the benefits that it can offer.

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