Angled is dedicated to leading the charge behind a new way of manufacturing and distributing physical products

Creative designers are always hampered by the challenges of bringing a product to life. Packaging, distribution, web design, and marketplaces are all inconveniences that creators should not have to deal with.

So we have taken all of it on.

With the help of Slant 3D, one of the Largest Print Farms in the World, we produce products only when they are ordered. Orders are Manufactured, Processed, and Shipped within hours of the order.

This lets designers get their product into production immediately and at scale, without any up front expenses beyond the design of the product itself.

A New Way

Angled provides the infrastructure for new products. We manufacture them, ship them, and provide a marketplace for them. It is a manufacturing backend.

Just like there are buildings full of servers delivering your Netflix videos, we are using buildings full of 3D Printers to deliver your toys. Angled is going to truly change manufacturing and the entire supply chain as we know it. 

If you have a great idea for a product. We would love to see it.


How Does Angled Manufacture their Products?

We use Fleets of 3D Printers operated by Slant 3D to produce the products on demand by the Thousands.

Why 3D Printing?

3D Printing allows parts to be made on demand. So there is little up front cost to get started. This way we can have designers just submit a design and it is immediately ready for production. This is not possible with any other manufacturing process.

Who Designs the Products?

We work predominately with other designers to bring their products to Life. These include Youtubers, independent designers and other companies. Though we design a few ourselves.

What happens when I order a product.

Angled communicates with Slant 3D printer farms. When an order comes in the part starts printing immediately. It is then packed and shipped within 1-3 business days.

I would like a custom product for my Youtube Channel. How do I get started?

You can select from our standard items (Lamps, coasters, keychains)  or we can work with you to design a completely custom product. 


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