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Simple and effective

Works just as you'd expect. Clamps tightly and securely offers a hook for headphones. Nothing more, nothing less - simply does the job.


Cheap and poorly made , look at my photos , they robbed me .

The product arrived quickly and was as described.

Nice quality

Exactly what I needed!

Bag Clamp Tool
Thee Gamefanatic
Excellent product and manufacturer!

The design of this is well thought out compared to others I have used. The funnel snaps nicely in place and has a register that isn't hard to line up with the clip when inside the bag. The print quality is great! Packaging made sure the part would not be damaged in shipping. Ultimately, I paid for this, but felt like they gave it away. Very pleased with the service.

Chuck Rocks!

These busts are awesome! Been great gifts for headphones, VR setups or give ‘em some other headgear to style. Rockin cool!

Bag Clamp Tool
Great. But images aren't communicating

I saw always 3 clamps in the images, so I thought it was a set of 3. It was just one of the larger clamps. Obviously I was confused.

Amazing product

This thing is great and I love the look. It is a little bit light in weight, but the quality is really good and the light has many different modes that you can play around with. I love the feeling I get seeing this thing every time I walk into my room.

Husband loved it!!

Got this for my husbands birthday (huge Marvel nerd) and he absolutely loved it! Haven't seen him that excited about a present in a LONG time 😊 10/10 recommend!!

Great gift for my son

I received this today and it is awesome! It is actually larger than I thought. My son has a odd fascination with William Howard Taft. He’s 9 and one of his favorite places to go os Taft’s grave. He always leaves coins there. Now we have our own little shrine/headphone holder. He is going to be surprised! It is great quality. In fact, the shipping box arrived smashed in and the product was packed super well inside and in perfect condition!


I didn’t even realize that a headphone holder was something that existed before seeing this listing, and now I’m wondering how I ever did without! William Howard Taft is a top tier president, and my cat, William Meoward Taft, approves!

Satisfied & well-crafted!

I got Elon M. on my side - defender of free speech!!!

Good company. Great prices.

My new Bowie mannequin head / headphone stand

Only took me a couple years to finish the project but am really pleased with the result!

As Promised

Just what I was looking for... Thanks

It is great I just wish it was closer to the scale of a real head. I have a Terminator head I ordered and it’s much larger, so they look weird next to each other. Also because of smaller scale the headphones did not fit as well as the products picture implies lol


One of my close friends is Spielberg's #1 fan, so I couldn't believe my luck when I was looking for a birthday gift for him this year and found this glorious headphone stand. The stand/bust itself is even better in person than it is in the pictures: it's life-size, exquisitely detailed, and perfect in every way. It's sitting on my dining room table now, waiting to be wrapped, and I find myself smiling giddily every time it catches my eye. Absolute perfection and a must-have for any fan of Spielberg!!

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch
Prospector Tripp
2kg Grey PLA Order Update!

Ender 3, Printed 1kg so far.. very nice results. Ran it at 210c / 60c
No issues whatsoever with the Grey PLA filament.
I have put the finished items outside in the elements to see if it’s durable outside. I’m sure it will be fine just as long as you don’t over heat it too much.
Thanks much
Peace Prospector Tripp

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch
M.angled Rizzo

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch

Looks great!

It looks great I just wish it was closer to life size like the terminator t800 I got.

Otherwise it works fine, just looks weird by the t800

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch
Michael P.
Good first run for some basic PLA

Print quality is good and the filament seems consistent so far.

For pricing I'm going to compare this to Hatchbox at $25/kg which ends up being $45/2kg shipped. At $39/2kg shipped this is already a good deal and expect the pricing to go down further.

Packaging was subpar but it sounds like this is already being addressed. The bags weren't airtight, and I was surprised at no desiccant pack. It's not too concerning at this stage since the filament hasn't existed long enough to really absorb much moisture. For one of the two spools, the end of the filament wasn't secured well.

Overall I see myself using this filament for prototyping. If the price goes down a bit and the packaging is improved then this 3 star review would quickly turn to 5.

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch

The filament prints really well. Tried at 190c, 200c, and 210c and all was great. Very consistent and clean. My only issues were packaging. The sealed bag leaked and the spool in came in was dusty. Other than that, I plan to order more. Hopefully a PLA+ is coming.

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch
Alejandro Rodriguez
Great product

I have sent already my feedback to the email provided in the receipt. Summary all good from the point of view of quality of the filament. But as expected packaging need improvement.

Slant 3D PLA Filament - Launch Batch
Seth Z
Filament review

I give it 4 stars not because I have any issues with the filament so far the filament has been great. It was more the packageing. Both spool bags on arrival had lost there vacuum. Not that big of deal to me with pla but just something to be aware of.