Robot Schwarzenegger Headphone Stand: The Ultimate Tribute to a Hollywood Icon

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Hey gamers! Are you looking for a unique headphone stand? We've got the perfect one for you - the Robot Schwarzenegger Headset Stand! It's a fantastic gift for gamers and fans of Arnold!

This Headphone holder looks like a robot version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor and former governor of California. Did you know he was once a bodybuilding champion? It's a cool way to store your headphones and celebrate this amazing person.

Our Robot Schwarzenegger Headset Stand is the perfect gamer gift for your friends and family. They'll love having this cool piece in their gaming space. Plus, it's great for movie fans too!

You won't find a better headphone rack. It's strong, so it won't break easily. And it holds your headphones just right. It's also a great headphone display for showing off your gaming gear.

The Earphone stand is a neat way to keep your headphones safe. And it's a cool headset organizer too! You won't have to worry about tangled wires ever again.

This Headphone mount is easy to use. Just put your headphones on it, and you're good to go! It's also a great headphone support, keeping your headphones in place.

Our Robot Schwarzenegger Headphone dock is perfect for any gaming setup. It fits right in with your gaming collectibles and gamer swag. Plus, it's a fun way to show off your favorite actor.

In conclusion, the Robot Schwarzenegger Headphone Stand is the best way to store your headphones. It's a cool gift for gamers and fans of Arnold. And it's perfect for anyone who loves gaming and movies. So get one today and show off your awesome new headphone stand!


Features: Paintable Model

Size: 10in x 7in x 7in

Color: Silver

Weight: 15 oz

Includes: (1) Robot Schwarzenegger Headphone Stand  


Made in the USA with International Shipping Available

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melinda Cale

I bought this for my husband who is a huge fan of Terminator. I now have a HUGE problem…how on earth will I be able to top this gift?! I bought a few other items from other places and let my kids choose what gift they wanted so that they could give it to their dad…they’ve been arguing over the headphones stand all day and bargaining with each other’s chores over it….at least the dishes will be done and the trash will be taken out.


great seller. prefect product. would highly recommend.

Matthew G

very nice print fun to paint

j m

Looks awesome!! I added an LED into the eye, and painted it black except for the skull part which I painted silver. Amazing 😁

A Fun Project

Looks awesome!! I added an LED into the eye, and painted it black except for the skull part which I painted silver. Amazing 😁