RGB Knight Headphone Stand

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Introducing the Luminous Knight Headphone Stand - a captivating and functional accessory for any medieval enthusiast or audiophile seeking to elevate their workspace or gaming station.

This impressive Knight Headphone Stand combines both aesthetic charm and practicality, creating an ideal storage solution for your headphones while showcasing your passion for the medieval era. Crafted from high-quality materials, this resilient stand is designed to resemble a gallant knight, complete with intricate armor detailing and a striking metallic finish.

The true enchantment lies in the state-of-the-art LED technology incorporated into the stand. With a simple touch, you can activate the radiant illumination that emanates from the knight's visor, plume, and base, engulfing the entire stand in a mesmerizing display of colors. Choose from a variety of lighting modes and color options to harmonize with your mood or room decor, and let the Luminous Knight Headphone Stand become a fascinating centerpiece for your desk or gaming area.


Sleek and modern design
Built-in RGB lighting with 20 static colors, 20 static modes, 5 levels of brightness, and 5 levels of dynamic speed adjustment
Memory function for the last set color
LED puck lights arranged in squares for a larger light-emitting angle (up to 120 degrees) and softer color
No flickers or buzzing problems
Integrated design with the light, line, and switch for easy use with USB power supply
Compatible with all types of headphones
Sturdy base to keep headphones secure
Wide application for use in various fixed locations, such as desks, bookshelves, cabinets, furniture, showcases, parties, festivals, etc.

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A dimarco

Cheap and poorly made , look at my photos , they robbed me .